Business Offers of the Belarusian Enterprises

18, Akademicheskaya str.
220012 Minsk
tel. 017 293 53 59; fax 017 290 95 30
• diagnostics, capital repair with rewinding of a transformer winding and transformer tests of I-III gabarits;
• assembly, capital repair and tests of IV-VI gabarits transformers on the installation site;
• assembly, repair, adjustment and tests of types –—, –Õ“, –Õőņ switchers;
• transformer oil dehydration, degasification, regeneration and cleaning from mechanical impurities;
• capital repair of voltage transformers up to 35 kW with rewinding of a transformer winding, tests and state verification;
• production and capital repair of plunger arc blow-out reactors (abr. RZDPOM): 190/10, 480/10, 400/6, 400/10, 630/10 for capacitive current compensation in isolated neutral systems of 6-10kW in a set with automatic control blocks (automatic and remote control sets for arc blow-out reactors (abr. KADU-DGR);
• assembly, repair and adjustment of air break switches type ¬¬, ¬¬Ń, ¬¬ń – 110 – 330kW;
• repair of turbogenerators with the capacity of 3 MW to 500 MW;
• repair of hydrogenerators with the capacity up to 5 MW;
• repair of direct and alternating current motors;
• re-insulation of stator winding bars of generators with thermoactive insulation and the capacity up to 30MW;
• production of banding insulation segments for turbogenerators rotor windings “2-6-2, “2-25-2, “¬—-30, “¬-60-2, “¬‘-60-2, “¬‘-63-2, “¬‘-100-2, “¬‘-120-2, “¬¬-165-2, “¬¬-320-2;
• re-insulation of slip-ring bush of a generator with the capacity of 3-60 MW;
• deepening of helical flutes for improvement of current distribution and current density increase under brushes (this shall extend service life of slip-rings for ten years).
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The Belarusian National Technical University
has worked out and patented a new ecologically pure technology of electrochemical polishing of metal ware made of stainless, carbon steel, copper, silver and their alloys. It is used for treatment (polishing) of goods having small areas: furniture accessories, covers, medical tools, jewelry, etc., as well as for restoring the worn-out metal surfaces of these goods.
The inventor is seeking the persons interested for the further practical realization of the said invention (technology) in the production of other states. Sale of the "know-how" is also possible.
E-mail: Lilia49plasma@yandex.RU

The Complementary Liability Company "Scientific and Production Enterprise "Mercury" is implementing a Reconstruction Project of an administrative building into the "Bristol" Hotel Complex in the centre of Mogilyov.

To implement the Project, they are planning to attract a loan worth 670 thousand US dollars for the pe-riod of seven years (repayment of the main dept will be made within five years under a two years mora-torium).

Contact telephones: +375 (222) 310 083, 311 550

Unitary Enterprise "Metallist" of the Slutsk District Executive Committee offers fire extinguishers, garden and orchard appliances, and subscriber cabinets.

All powder extinguishers are certified in Belarus and Russia, comply with relevant requirements, stan-dards and norms.

Tel./fax: +375 (1795) 5 30 91, 2 48 15

Open Joint-Stock Company "Slutsk Brewery" is selling at Xmas prices in railway car shipments light brewery malt, 2nd Class, total amount of 300 tons.

Tel.: +375 (1795) 4-64-43

Minsk Production Association of Computing Machinery ("MPOVT")

The "MPOVT" is designing, manufacturing, installing and shipping the following products:

-"Beta M-4" digital automatic telephone exchanges from 64 to 60,000 ports, crossing equipment, operation-dispatch communication pendants, guarantee powering systems;

-PCs model EVM VM 2002, computer networks (including protected ones), training classes, payment-reference and information-reference terminals;

-electronic cashier machines VM 8007, VM 8008, and VM 8014;

-SViT-02 Ultrasound Heat and Water Flow Meter, hot and heating water supply regulators;

-light fixtures (chandeliers, pin-up lamps, table, power-saving, halogen and luminescent lamps and outdoor illumination fixtures);

-medical cabinets and other consumer goods;

-universal telecommunication cabinets;

-multilayer printed circuit boards.

The "MPOVT" is the only enterprise in the Republic of Belarus to manufacture certified computerized classes.

The quality management system used in the process of design and manufacture complies with the re-quirements of the STB ISO 9001-2001.

PLANT "HORIZON", Republican Unitary Company
Ul. Krasnaya7, BY-220029 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 2867859
Fax: +375 17 2867680
Colour TV and radio sets, cablecasting systems

MINSK WATCHWORKS, Public Limited Company
Pr. F.Skoriny, 95, BY-220043 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 2801930
Fax: +375 17 2804521
Watches for men, ladies and children on mechanic and quartz movement, alarm-clocks, desktop clocks, car clocks, industrial monometers, stepping motors

INTEGRAL, Research and Production Corporation
Pl. Kazintsa, 1, BY-220108 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 2123232
Fax: +375 17 2787980
Electronic chips, semiconductors, LCD indicators and panels, microelectronic techniques and equipments, electronics, clocks, banking and retailing equipments, banking cards, plastic cards for payments, phones, house holding goods.

MINSK KRISTALL, Republic Unitary Company
Ul. Oktiabrskaya 15, BY-220030 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 2274469
Fax: +375 17 2271415
Cognac, brandy, vodka, sweet liqueurs, balsams, bitters and semi-sweet liquors, gin, cocktails, fruit distillates.

Ul. Radialnaya 50, BY-220046 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 2303719
Fax: +375 17 2308324
Sparkling wine, "Soviet Shampanskoye" (brut, dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet).

RUDENSK, Public Limited Company
Ul. Leninskaya 1, 222850 Rudensk, Puchovichi district, Minsk region
Tel: +375 1713 63375
Fax: +375 1713 60197
Lighting (lamps, marker lights), tapes/ pellicles, shoe polishes, melt glue for furnitures, current consumption goods and production articles from plastics.

MAV, Production Unitary Company
Ul. Stroiteley, 6, BY-222720 Dzerzhinsk, Minsk Region
Tel: +375 1716 56056
Fax: +375 1716 56616, 56056
Production of oil paints, enamels, varnishes, drying oils, primers, fillers

ENEF, Public Limited Company
Ul. Metallistov 5, 222310 Molodechno, Minsk region
Tel: +375 1773 63911, 50458
Fax: +375 1773 60334
Power-saving luminescent lights, electric lamps for vehicles and indoor lighting, welding inverter machines, electronic starting regulators for luminescent lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps.

TEKHNOSHANS, Joint Stock Company
Ul. M.Bogdanovicha 78 k. 1a, BY-220100 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 2393956
Fax: +375 17 2314339
Production of saws with insulated handle, insulating steps, units for measurement/ control of electric values. Wholesales of personal protection and work protection articles.

Ul. Zakharova 36, BY-220034 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 2853672
Fax: +375 17 2853673
Goods from straws, withe, flax fibre, straw-inlaid wooden articles, bed and table linen.

OLI-BELO Joint Venture
Ul. Biriusova 4, BY-220073 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 2040381, 2047325
Enamels, alkyd-based varnishes and mixtures, pigments and dyes, alkyds.

MINSK PAINTWORKS, Public Limited Company
Ul. Biriuzova 4, BY-220073 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 2561083
Fax: +375 17 2047325
Enamels, alkyd-based varnishes and mixtures, pigments and dyes, alkyds.

ALESIA, Public Liability Company
Ul. Starovilenskaya 131, BY-220123 Minsk
Tel./ fax: +375 17 2343684
Knitted clothing (suits, costumes, jackets, dresses, skirts, culottes, trousers.

KREDO-DIALOG, Research and Production Enterprise
Staroborisovski trakt 15, k. 420-421, BY-220114 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 2640176
Fax: +375 17 2647931
Goods from polyurethane: bridge carriages, elements of movement joints, hard tyres, wheels, rollers, bushes, rings, pneumatic and hydraulic sleeves, shafts (including those for printing industry), balls, plates for shoes-repairing (pads and heels), perform billets, and other.

Joint Belarussian and Swedish Venture BAKKO BISOV, Joint Stock Company
Ul. Zm. Biaduli, 13, BY-220034 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 2362046
Fax: +375 17 2339837
Bimetallic band-saws.

ZAPAGROMASH, Limited Liability Company
Ul. Selitskogo 17, k. 22, BY-220075 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 2072507
Fax: +375 17 2072528
ISRK-12 machine for feed distribution, milling and blending

Ul. Furmanova 2, BY-222720 Dzerzhinsk
Tel: +375 1716 55566
Fax; +375 1716 55286
Shirts, ties, blouses, vests.

Ul. Yakuba Kolasa, 21, k. 14, BY-220013 Minsk
Tel./ fax: +375 17 2113543
Vehicle radiators.

Joint Belarussian and Czech Venture MINSK PACKAGE PLANT, Limited Liability Company
Ul. Biriuzova 4v, k. 29, BY-220075 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 2043128
Fax: +375 17 2076779
Tins and cans.

UNIBOX, Joint Belarussian and Italian Venture
Ul. Selitskogo 9, BY-220075 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 2449371
Fax: +375 17 2996759
Cronine corks, jars and cans for loose products, tins for paint and varnishes.

ALKAR, Joint Stock Company
Ul. Chkalova 22-62, BY-220039 Minsk
Tel./ fax: +375 17 2054821
Pastas, fluted cardboard.

ZELENOBORSOYE, Production Republican Unitary Company
Ul. Zavodskaya 1, 222218 pos. Zeleny Bor, Smolevichi district, Minsk region
Tel: +375 1775 25644
Fax: +375 1775 25650
Peat in stacks, peat-based nutritive soil, pottery from peat, egg containers.