German courses

German is the second among other widespread foreign languages by the number of its learners. Indeed, sonorous, but interesting for its expressive features, the German language remains in demand not only in everyday life, but also helps to run a successful business, build a career, travel and communicate with foreigners.

We offer a general course of the German language, which will be held for you by experienced and highly qualified specialists. First of all, our teachers are guided by the individual perception of learning, they watch every student attentively, help them and encourage their fast learning taking into account those features that will help you to get the best results.

Besides the basic knowledge that our course will provide you with, our professionals will teach you grammar, expand your vocabulary and make it easier for you to communicate in German in everyday life. We have a special course - business German. This is a course for those, focused on a career - this means learning Business German, besides all other material, with all its rules and nuances for successful results in negotiations and business in general.