French courses

French belongs to the titled and most respected languages in the world. It has been widely spread in all the continents for several centuries. More than ten countries use it as the official language, and ten more as a second official language.

It is honorable, useful and simply pleasant to know French. And if you are determined to start learning French, you may have a question: What to start with? You can start learning it on your own or consult specialists having a degree.

But not everybody has enough willpower, qualification and finally time for studying a language on their own. Therefore, the second variant is more preferable. But only in case if you sign up for a good and qualified school of foreign languages.

We offer the following courses:

1) General French course. It means basic knowledge in the areas of speaking, reading and writing. At the end of the course you will be able to speak easily, read literature, newspapers, periodicals and watch films and lots of other things.

2) Business French course. It means getting advanced knowledge of the language. It gives you deep knowledge in business communication, elocution. At the end of the course you will be able to study at French-speaking universities, get the best grades and find a good job.

Besides general knowledge, we give our students the opportunity to learn several practical and useful disciplines, related to the French language. Among them there are:

· Standard grammar. It means learning grammar rules of the French literary language and also such aspects as morphology, syntax and word formation.

· Vocabulary of business communication. It means teaching students words, word forms and phrases commonly used in Business French.

· Basic knowledge of commercial vocabulary theory, documentation, scientific and technical literature, correct business and commercial communication training, its usage and meaning in different business documents and technical works.

· Seminars on French business presentations organization.

· Practical suggestions and recommendations.