English courses

In the modern world, learning English is not just an opportunity to communicate with foreigners, but a vital necessity. English is simple in structure and relatively easy to learn, what made it an international language throughout the world.

Speaking English, you get a unique opportunity to be understood in all corners of the planet, freely conduct conversation, presentations and negotiations with foreign partners. Good knowledge of English is the key to your success!

We provide you with the opportunity to enroll in one of the English language courses: general course, business English, translation course (for the Advanced level), intensive course.

We form small groups of students of 10-12 peole, what will allow you to study a foreign language in more comfortable conditions, intensively and at a high level. We provide an individual approach to listeners.

The term of studying English is 1-2 years and depends on the level of knowledge. It must be remembered that only by constantly attending classes and regularly practicing the knowledge gained, it is possible to achieve the desired positive result