Creditreform rating certificates


A Creditreform rating certificate is an objective and relevant information about the most significant indicators of foreign companies. You will be provided with accurate information on the registration and management of the company, its solvency and financial condition, marketing and other relevant information.


Creditreform rating certificates are widely used by companies’ heads in foreign economic activity and services, marketing, sales and analytical departments, as well as departments of economic security and risk managers.


Creditreform rating certificates will help you to assess possibilities and perspectives of commercial cooperation with foreign partners and check your counterparties quickly. This information is essential in business risks minimization and loss prevention.


Information reliability is guaranteed by the experience and reputation of the Creditreform International Association (Creditreform International e.V.), one of the EU leaders in the field of business information provision. Creditreform Association comprises 177 offices in 22 countries and headquartered in Neuss (Germany). Annually Creditreform provides about 16 million rating certificates to companies all over the world.



Contents of Creditreform rating certificates


Creditreform rating certificates include the following information blocks:


•         register information

•         financial information

•         marketing information

•         solvency index


Standard Creditreform rating certificate includes the following items:


•         legal form

•         establishment date

•         commercial register (registration record)

•         founders

•         authorized capital

•         shareholders

•         management data

•         general information (nature of business)

•         staff (number of employees)

•         turnover

•    real estate

•    assets

•         liabilities

•         banks

•         payments

•         solvency index




Creditreform Solvency Index


Creditreform Solvency Index  (Solvency index) provides a prompt risk assessment for business decisions. It shows the current solvency of the company. This information should be used in the decision-making process concerning maximum loan granting, payment terms setting, etc.


The index is calculated on the basis of information received by Creditreform from various legal sources. Calculation method is a proprietary Creditreform method. The index is calculated from 100 to 600 points.


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