Origin of goods certification

The Council of Ministers by Resolution d/d November 10, 2007 No. 1306 “On some issues of identification of the country of goods origin”has determined that the goods of the Belarusian origin shall be granted a certificate issued by the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as its Branches.


For preferences, i.e. economic privileges, to be granted to the buyers of Belarusian goods, Certificates of origin are presented to the official state authorities of importing countries having Most Favored Nation Status (MFN) Agreement with the Republic of Belarus.


Depending on the country of Belarusian products export, certificates may be issued according to:

• ÑÒ-1 form: for export to the CIS countries;

• À form: for export of products to the EU, U.S., Canada, Japan, Switzerland and Turkey;

• Textile products form: for export to the EU;

• ÑÒ-2 form: for export to Serbia;

• special form set by Mexico;

• general form of certificates for export to the countries not listed above.