What is barcoding

Among great variety of issues associated with primary collection of information, special emphasis can be placed on the automatic identification (recognition and differentiation) of heterogeneous objects (products, equipment, luggage, documents, etc.). Its solution involves the following steps:

• identifier (number or code) assignment for each specific subject;

• application of a special label containing the identifier;

• this special label data reading off by a digital device and digitization of the data.


Dingbats, magnetic stickers, electronic and radiofrequency tags can be used as an identifier. All of them are designed to automatic identification and find their application in various areas, but the most popular is a dingbat with a barcode.


A barcode and modern packaging are two inseparable elements that accompany any product that is worth being referred to as a good. Outlets, retail chain stores and supermarkets in particular, place greater demands on print quality and bar code application on the package and label. This occurs mainly due to the use of modern means of inventory control automation, movement of goods and barcode technology-based sale.


Barcoding is a technology for automatic identification and data collection based on the information representation according to certain rules.


What is a barcode?


A Barcode is an alternation of the bars and spaces of various thickness and steps that are optically sensed with the help of transverse scanning .


This is a symbolic key to information in databases. Its purpose is a unique connection with the information stored in a computer system that can be automatically quickly, easily and accurately retrieved from the database.


But the fundamental principle of barcoding system is the sales number that does not correspond to any value and does not carry any information about a product. Similar to a phone number or a state license plate, a sales number by itself has no meaning. This approach assumes that the information relating to the product is contained only in the accompanying documents and computer database.


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