Assessment of intellectual property items

Intellectual property items comprise:

1. Results of intellectual activity:

• works of science, literature and art;

• performances, phonograms and broadcasts of broadcasting organizations;

• inventions, utility models, industrial designs;

• selective breeding results;

• topologies of integrated circuits;

• production secrets.

2. Means of individualization of participants in the civil circulation of goods, works or services:

• brand names;

• trademarks and service marks;

• geographical indications.

3. Other results of intellectual activity and means of individualization of participants in the civil circulation of goods, works or services in the cases envisaged by the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus.

Objectives of intellectual property items assessment:

1) transfer to another person in whole or partially under an assignment agreement (partial assignment);

2) transfer of the right of use to another person under a license agreement (franchising agreement);

3) making of a non-monetary contribution to the charter capital of a legal entity;

4) sale through a bidding process (auction and/or tender), also at the process of economic insolvency (bankruptcy);

5) pledging;

6) transfer to discretionary management;

7) inheritance;

8) legal succession;

9) settlement of property disputes;

10) compensation for losses (damage);

11) implementation of management decisions;

12) taking on accounting of surplus assets revealed as a result of inventory and the assets received free of charge;

13) other objectives, not contradicting the legislation.

The independent assessment result may only be used in accordance with the assessment purpose, specified in the assessment report. 

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