Real estate value assessment

Independent assessment of capital structures (buildings, structures), premises, residential and incomplete construction projects, engineering networks.

Objectives of the real estate value assessment:

a) sale without an auction or tender, including the sale of property in the procedure of economic insolvency (bankruptcy);

b) making of a non-monetary contribution to the charter capital of a legal entity;

c) sale through a bidding process (auction and/or tender), also in bankruptcy proceedings;

d) pledging (mortgaging);

e) gratuitous alienation;

f) gratuitous transfer;

g) granting of free use, rent;

h) transfer to discretionary management;

i) barter;

j) inheritance of property;

k) settlement of property disputes;

l) compensation for losses (damage);

m)implementation of management decisions, excluding the mentioned above;

n) entering on the balance sheet of surplus assets, identified as a result of inventory;

o) entering on the balance sheet of assets received free of charge;

p) separation (allocation) of the initial value of the inventory object;

q) other objectives, not contradicting the legislation.

The independent assessment result may only be used in accordance with the assessment purpose, specified in the assessment report. 

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