Business value assessment

Independent assessment of the enterprise value as the object of a right, as a property complex, as a share, as a stock of shares, as a share in the authorized capital of a legal entity, part of an enterprise.

Objectives of the business value assessment:

a) sale without an auction or tender, including the sale of property in the procedure of economic insolvency (bankruptcy);

b) making of a non-monetary contribution to the charter capital of a legal entity;

c) sale through a bidding process (auction and/or tender), also in bankruptcy proceedings;

d) pledging (mortgaging);

e) transfer to discretionary management;

f) inheritance;

g) settlement of property disputes;

h) implementation of management decisions;

i) lease;

j) withdrawal (exclusion) of a participant from a business entity;

k) other objectives, not contradicting the legislation.

The purpose of the assessment “implementation of a management decision” is used only to determine the expediency of making a decision on the implementation of a transaction or other legally significant action, but cannot be used for the purposes a) - g), i) - k).

The independent assessment result may only be used in accordance with the assessment purpose, specified in the assessment report. 

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